The main axes for this conference: 1) Water Resources & 2) IT & geospatial Technologies for Water resources.

In bellow the topics (non-limited)  :

1) Water resources : 

  • Desalination, Unconventional Water Resources
  • Blue growth, New and renewable energies
  • Integrated Water Resources Management, Participatory management contract, Governance of Water Resources
  • Climate change
  • Natural hazard related to water
  • Hydrology and hydrogeology
  • Urban hydraulics and sanitation
  • Surface and Groundwater quality
  • Agriculture & Soil
  • Education & Right to water

2) IT & geospatial technologies for Water Resources :

  • Water Information System, ICT for monitoring water resources
  • Geomatics and Remote sensing for water resources
  • Modeling, scientific computing, image processing and numerical method for water resources
  • Semantic Web, Extraction and representation of knowledge about water resources
  • Geo-BI, Data mining, Machine learning & Geostatistics for water resources
  • Big-data, Open Data, Free and Open Source Software for water resources
  • Artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic and expert systems for water resources
  • IoT, Mobile & Cloud Computing for water resources